Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pencil grips and handwriting samples

Since writing is our focus, I thought we'd start out the year with a few photos. Hopefully we'll see progress and can post end of the year pics, too!
(Having some problems getting photos all facing the same direction and lining up! argh...they must be homeschooled...)

Above: 10 (turning 11) yo's pencil grip
above: 8 (turning 9) yo's pencil grip. 
10 (11) yo's writing sample, from her journal entry today. 

above: 10 (11) yo's alphabet

8 (9) yo's writing sample from this morning's journal entry, and her alphabet
updated to add below: 10yo's copywork. She tried to make spaces and put all Bs and Ds as lowercase.  I had her erase some Bs and Ds and make them lowercase, as well.  I think we missed a couple. Apologies for the sideways picture.

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Homeschooling6 said...

I'm hoping my Lance, will grow out of his weird way of holding a pencil.
We haven't started our new school year yet. I don't even have two of my kiddos home yet ;)
Looking forward to reading about your "Writing" year. We too have our subject years. Last year it was math too and this year it'll be writing as well. How funny!