Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, Week 4, 2011

I may try blogging daily for awhile. I'm still trying to get a good balance of what works and what doesn't.  I noticed that having a daily list of accomplishments from my blogging past was helpful, for my own review purposes.
A1 did 5 division problems, 1-digit into 4 digits, some with money (decimals).  We tried doing this on the whiteboard.  It was my grand idea, since it works so well for her sister.  I had 3 reasons for trying this: 1.) it breaks up the workbook, so it isn't so overwhelming, 2.) we can create a bigger working space than the tiny spaces in the workbook, and 3.) for visual learners, looking downward at a desk tends to stunt their thinking processes.  Now, I don't really know what A1's learning style is, but thought we'd give it whirl.  The idea tanked in a big way, and we won't be doing it again.  And I don't think she's a visual learner anyway.  She also did 3 multiplication problems, 2 digit by 2 digit.  The rest of the math workbook was review.

Z did her multiplication problems on the whiteboard (and she truly IS my visual learner).  She also practiced writing tenths, and ordering fractions from big to small.  She converted roman numerals.

For History, I gave the assignment to do a writing project about Colonial Times.  It was a very open-ended assignment.  Z is going to write a story and started that today.  A1 had a hard time coming up with ideas.  I listed a ba-zillion ideas on the whiteboard and she finally settled on one.  She will write about the church in Colonial Times.  She started to research it, gave it a half-hearted effort, and was done for the day.

We did Daily Paragraph Editing.  The kids are getting better at catching the errors.  I think the daily practice has been worth it.

We began Sequential Spelling book 1 today.  We did 3 days of spelling lists (you only have about 5 words in the very beginning, because you start with a simple word and build on it).  By Day 3, Z was having a crying meltdown.  We started with "in" and built on the word until we got to "pinning".  The student has to give their best guess before the teacher spells the word correctly, and then the student can correct it.  Z is not at that point yet where she can emotionally handle misspelling a word.  I think we all need therapy.

Our internet wasn't functioning, so T4L was out of the picture.  The schoolroom was destroyed by the 2yo, who took every lid off of every marker and threw handfuls from table tops.  I sometimes feel like I'm teaching inside of a tornado.  In the eye of the storm, the 2yo snuck upstairs to climb into her daddy's lap (he worked from home today).  I finally gained the good sense to put a baby gate on the stairs.

The 2yo is really "into" Rockabye Baby (song) and Humpty Dumpty (nursery rhyme).  I detect a common theme: falling.  It makes perfect sense, lol!

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