Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekly Review end of May - June 10, 2011

Here are the recent events:
  • A week of T4L and a little extra math.  Finished the Christopher Columbus book.
  • A field trip to the Octagon House (a stop on the Underground Railroad in Michigan).  There was an amazing historian there that acted the part of someone from that time period.  The kids were enthralled (and the 8yo took some convincing to believe that the historian was just acting!  I guess even the grownups had to keep reminding themselves that it was just a "role" the historian was playing, because it seemed very real).  I sent my daughters along with the field trip coordinator; in exchange, I took her 5yo son for the day.  The 2yo & her 5yo went to a park, the library, the store, & the play area at the mall - we also saw two very different, very large aquariums.  One had tropical fish, another an assortment of "fishing" fish.
  • Last Saturday, we bought some very expensive phones.  It was in the budget and it is one of those life-changing technologies. 
  • On Sunday, we lost the piano.  We had borrowed it for the past 8 years from relatives that needed it gone for awhile.  They needed it back on Sunday.  It was nice to borrow it for so long, but it was difficult for the 8yo to lose it.  She cried.  She spent a lot of time at that piano.  A piano is not in the budget right now, but might've been if we hadn't bought phones, lol.  We're looking at options.
  • On Tuesday was the curriculum sale.  I picked up Christian Liberty Press's Exploring American History.  It looks like an enjoyable read.  It has a Story of the World feel to it, but with only Am History, which we need.  I brought a friend with us that is thinking about homeschooling next year. 
  • The kids began taking the IOWA (ITBS) test.  I have the 8yo taking the 3rd gr, and the 10yo taking the 5th gr.  I'm wondering if that was the appropriate level to put the 10yo in.  Guess we'll see, eh?
  • We did some math on the white board, as I tried to predict what sorts of things might be taught on the IOWA test, and what sorts of things I might not have prepared them for.  Again, I'll find out after the test, and then I'll say something like "oops, I guess I should've taught x, y, z".  But, that's what the test is for, right?
  • On Thursday, the 2yo flipped out of her crib.  She is definitely outgrowing the crib.  Darn.
  • On Friday, the girls went to a birthday party with putt-putt golfing and had a wonderful time!  They loved golfing and had lots to tell me later. 
  • We had a playdate Saturday morning with the friend that might homeschool.  I brought a truckload of books to show her, lol. 
  • I bought a toddler bed for $3 from a garage sale.  Next step: clean out the 2yo's bedroom, childproof it, and get the toddler bed set up.  I'm not looking forward to this transition! 

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