Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Review 6/20-24, 2011

The kids had VBS (Vacation Bible School) this week.  They are outgoing-introverts, which means that they get along great with people, but then come home and are toast for the rest of the day.  So we didn't do much else this week, and I realize how much better I like evening VBS!  We can do stuff during the daytime, go to VBS at night, and then the kids can be surly right before bedtime.  

A homeschool friend with a (almost) 6yo boy hung out with us on Thurs-Friday.  Her older child was at a nature center daycamp all day long.  The girls enjoyed taking the 6yo out to collect all the teensy tiny frogs around our swamp area.  Today they caught about 20 frogs and froglets in a bug collection container.  We found one frog with only 1 fully formed eye (arrrr! Pirate Frog!).  And we found several frog(lets) with various stages of tails; some short and some still quite long. was a lesson in the froggy life cycle:)

My 8yo learned how to write a checklist for herself before going to VBS in the morning.  That's because one day she forgot several items (including her glasses).  This was a good lesson.

I learned about 3-5 different ways to do long division.  I spent some time watching videos and reading "Help Me! Long Division!" type threads on the homeschool forums, lol.  So I feel like I have a pretty good handle on long division.  This month, I lost my first 10 lbs, hooray!  I found ants in our kitchen (just sort of milling around looking for food), so did a massive kitchen clean up.  I must say: cleaning up smooshed frogs right before lunch each day is REALLY helping the dieting process. So is massive kitchen cleaning and sucking up ants in the vaccuum. 

Oh...and last weekend, we got bikes for the grownups and took a 17 mile trip down a bike trail.  It was very fun, but the kids were super exhausted.  Our plan is to take a biking vacation.  This all started because I confessed that every good diet I'm on is sabotaged by vacation.  No matter how good I try to be, I end up gaining 5 lbs.  Dh came up with the idea to make it a very active vacation.  I'd love to lose a lb or two on vacation rather than gain:)  We'll see how that pans out.

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Lisa said...

That's funny. I dislike evening VBS for somewhat the same reason - they're grumpy the NEXT day. And I'd rather hangout at home at night. LOL That said, Suzy did NOT want to go to the daytime VBS I found for her, and will be going to two nighttime ones.

And good luck with the biking!