Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Did Science!

I'm resurrecting the "We Did Science!" theme.  We've had lots of opportunities to explore science this summer.  Below is the picture of frogs from last week.  The container belongs to the 6yo boy that came over.  There are about 20 frogs in this container (don't worry, we didn't keep them...)  Some of the frogs had various stages of a tail (froglets).  It was fun to see frogs with tails.  It was NOT fun, though, when a frog would accidentally get squished.  Out of about 50 frogs caught in one week, I think we only had about 5-6 fatalities.  I did my best to make sure that all the frogs were held carefully and treated nicely.  (Accidents happened when one got away and accidentally got stepped on). 
The kids found a rather large turtle by their tree swing over the weekend.  Z was instant friends with it and wanted to carry it everywhere.  We kept it on our deck for awhile and watched it, and then let it go.  The 2yo especially loved the turtle and even now asks daily, "tur-tar? tur-tar?"
I'll be honest - I have not been prepared for school this week.  Today, especially.  I had < 4hours sleep and various other problems.  I had 3 kids eager to go outside, though.  So today the assignment was to find a flower to dissect.  Then, I gave the kids books to use to find out the parts of a flower and label it.  Our labeling is below.  Z's project (bleeding heart flower and seed/seedpod)
Whenever we do projects, we're rather messy.  Our papers are torn and not nicely done.  I think this is one of those issues I have to learn to get over.  I see projects made by Classically Educated children and think, (sigh) "isn't that a lovely project?" and "wouldn't it be nice if we could create something that lovely?"  Ah well, learning still happens, even if it's messy, right?  A's project is below:

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Lisa said...

I like your science projects. I always think that the mom does most of the work on those really fancy ones anyway.

Those teensy frogs are adorable. And my kids ALWAYS want to bring the turtles home! lol