Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Review 5/23-27, 2011

This week was over-scheduled.  Monday: dog grooming in LO, gymnastics in Romeo (and through a series of unfortunate events, we left gym early to pick up the dog - it was quite a round trip!).  Tuesday: playdate with a friend in the early evening.  Wednesday: a playdate with another homeschool family.  The mom & I explored Time4Learning and I discovered all kinds of really cool things about the online program!  Thursday: dog went to the vet & we went to the library; spent an hour perusing books and stopping the 2yo from completely destroying the library.  Friday: our 16year anniversary; chopped & stacked wood in the wet, cold, muddiness.  We built a fire & roasted hot dogs and hamburgers on the fire.

We're almost done with Where Do You Think You're Going, Christopher Columbus?  It is working well to have the kids read and then write a 3 sentence summary of what they read. 

I am working through the kids' work this year on T4L, and I'm not sure how much they actually accomplished.  After learning more about T4L on Wed, I've been trying to go through the kids' records to see what we haven't covered, and where we might be able to end the school year.  Unfortunately, since I did not oversee the schoolwork as much as I should have, we may be working through the summer.  I had so hoped to take a month break.  We had a really lax year.  Except my year wasn't lax.  I tore my hair out with a 1-2yo and stressed and worried and prayed and wished I could do more.  Oh well.  I guess every family has homeschool years like that.  I keep reminding myself: we've made huge strides in knowing those multiplication/division facts.  That, in itself, is worth a year of schooling (right?).  Which reminds me -

The 10yo finished her multiplication facts and last Saturday, her daddy took her out to see the movie Pirates of the Caribbean (the 4th one) as her reward.  The 8yo knows her 0-5 facts pretty well, but I am not timing her, because she just doesn't seem emotionally ready/mature enough to handle it.  We are working on 9s now.  She has been pretty resistant and sulky about me teaching her the 9s tricks.  So today I offered her $1 for knowing her 9s in 3seconds per problem, AND I would show her a trick so that she could learn it within a week.  She was happy about that and was finally able to listen to me.

Last weekend, we finally got that tree stump removed.  Below is a photo of dh driving the stump up towards the firepit on his tractor.  The kids are riding on the stump, lol.
stump removal

close up of the stump

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