Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Review 5/16 - 5/20, 2011

We pulled out the Playdo this week and made "Art". The green snake belongs to the 10yo. The hot pink snake belongs to the 8yo and is covered in playdo roses. The girls had watched some Cake Competition type shows on TV and learned how to make roses.

This week, the 8yo finished through lesson 9 on Horizons Math gr 3. She worked on Multiplication Facts 1 - 5 on MathTrainer, and can complete 30-37 problems in 2 mins (works out to about 3.2 - 4 secs per problem). She completed 15 spelling words this week. She finished Social Studies on Time4Learning for the year.

The 10yo completed some lessons in Horizons Math 5, but we decided to put that book on hold until we work on Multiplication & Division of large numbers for awhile. Horizons 5 doesn't actually "teach" this until later on in the book and does a lot of review (even spends a day reviewing basic one-digit subtraction!), BUT it incorporates a lot of advanced add/sub, mult/div in its story problems, assuming you've already covered it in 4th gr. I hate that. Either review it and assume the student doesn't know anything, OR assume the student knows it and don't spend so much time doing silly review. Grrr. But the kids, so far, prefer Horizons over BJU (sigh) so....I'll hold my tongue:) Anyhow, so I pulled out BJU Gr 4 and am just pulling in 3 multi-digit mult problems and 3 multi digit division problems. Her mult problems right now are things like 345 x 16, while her division problems are simpler: 120 / 60 (you know, just having a 0 on the end). We'll keep working at that until it becomes easy for her. I also started some basic division drill, which she can do pretty easily now that she knows her mult facts. I'm so glad we covered multiplication facts!! It was the best thing we've done all year.  The 10yo also did 15 spelling words and worked on Time4Learning.

Ok, so I said I would start Oak Meadow 5, right? Well, I can't follow/stick to anything to save my life, and the same is true here. I adopted the OM books, but that's as far as it went, lol. We are reading Where Do You Think You're Going, Christopher Columbus? It is about 70 pages long and we are taking 2 weeks to read it (just like on the OM schedule). The kids read about 6 pages per day and then I have them write a 3-sentence summary in a reading journal. After they finish the book, they'll write a report using their summaries to help them construct it. So far, this seems to be going well.

10yo's Continent Blobs

We're also working on Memorization. We have the space notes memorized in Music for Treble & Bass Cleff. We also worked on memorizing Maps. We are labeling the 5 Great Circles (Arctic Circle, Tropic of Cancer, Equator, Tropic of Capricorn, & Antarctic Circle). We are also making Continent Blobs and labeling them. This was inspired by Leigh Bortin's book The Core (Classical Education). Photos of our Circles & Blobs are included here.
8yo's Continent Blobs

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