Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Review 5/09-5/13, 2011

We did a steady 4 days of T4L, Horizons Math lessons, multiplication drill, 2 days of spelling, & some literature.  As a Pre-OakMeadow 5 kick off, we read (are reading) Sign of the Beaver.  The 10yo read the whole book, the 8yo is almost finished, and I'm only half way through.  I'm hoping to finish up Sign of the Beaver this weekend so that we can begin our next book on Monday (get everyone on the same page - not always an easy task).

On Monday, we had Gymnastics in the afternoon.  On Tuesday, we had Park Day with our homeschool group (the kids did math in the car, and T4L when they got home).  On Friday, we went to Cranbrook Institute of Science - something I had been promising all year long.  The traveling exhibit is Dinosaurs, and we enjoyed seeing the dinosaur eggs, gigantic dinosaurs, and tiny dinosaurs.  The 8yo likes any creature with "ichthys" as part of its name, and also "archeopteryx".  We've always liked Pterodactyls.   We walked down the walking path to visit the Native American house (wigwam?)  I forgot to bring the camera, stroller, and a change of clothes for the 2yo - and wouldn't ya know I needed all 3? LOL. 
I "borrowed" this photo from Cranbrook's Flickr Stream.  Want to see more Cranbrook photos?

We also began Memorization this week.  Ok, so we only did it one day (Thursday).  My plan is to start off memorizing treble & bass cleff notes, and the United States names & locations on the map.  I started the 8yo off with 5 states, and the 10yo took it upon herself to label most of them while looking at an atlas.  I taught them FACE on the treble cleff & All Cows (Cars) Eat Grass (Gas) ACEG on the bass cleff - these are the space notes.  I'm hoping this helps with piano lessons.

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