Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekly Review 05/02 - 05/06, 2011

Georgie's 2nd birthday on May 1st:

This week, the 10yo learned how to do multi-digit multiplication (3 digits x 2 digits) and I explained WHY we put a 0 on the 2nd row under the problem (I never learned that in school! I was just always told to put it there). We also went back to practicing long division, but this time dividing a 2 digit number ending in 0 evenly into a 2-3 digit number ending in 0 (ex: 80 / 20, or 180 / 60) We did not do spelling this week (I didn't have my ducks in a row). She also completed 4 lessons of Horizons Gr 5. (We're giving Horizons a try with the idea that we'll switch back to BJU if we decide we don't like it).

The 8yo completed 2 lessons in Horizons 3rd Gr but decided she wanted to go back to the OTC (over-the-counter) workbook she is working on. It's just one of those typical grocery store workbooks that covers 3rd gr topics.

Both kids did T4L this week.

Cook's Dairy Farm Field Trip on Friday, May 6th:

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