Thursday, May 5, 2011

Score! Oak Meadow 5

I've been sort of looking for something that would help me pull some of my educational ideas together into an organized package.  I didn't necessarily want to follow any curriculum, but on the other hand, I was having trouble getting my ideas organized and ready to go.  So...where was I going to find something that is:
* literature based
* ties history, grammar, writing, spelling together
* doesn't have too much planned
* has a focus on writing
* teaches American History & is appropriate for both an 8 & 10yo
* hopefully doesn't cost an arm or a leg

At the library today, I looked through stacks of homeschool books that someone had donated for the library sale and found this:

Oak Meadow was created based upon the Waldorf style of education.  I was originally drawn to Waldorf because of it's focus on different cultures and religion.  I stopped pursuing Waldorf, however, as I learned more and more about it's religious philosophy, intense focus on arts/crafts, and its fantasy-driven teaching ("hey kids, look what this gnome left behind a tree....")  But Oak Meadow, although Waldorf in nature, does not seem to be those things.  It also seems to be a bit more academic than most Waldorf style education, although still very gentle.  The 5th Gr Oak Meadow book shown above costs $166.00 new (eek!), teaches American History combined with English Grammar, Spelling, and Writing, and appears gentle enough that I could apply it to a rising 4th grader & 6th grader.  However, I managed to find the above book (and the teacher's manual with it, which is optional) at the library and I picked it up for $1.  I'll try anything for $1, so I guess that is what we're going to be doing!  I ordered the first 4 weeks worth of books from the library, so once those arrive, we'll get started!  I'll probably need to tweak the writing assignments a smidge.  Because it is Waldorf in nature, some of the writing assignments are Creative (not in a bad way, actually - I thought the writing ideas were rather neat).  My 10yo does not mesh well with Creative writing assignments.  She is my "just the facts, ma'am" daughter. So asking her to write a story about the possible sea creatures that Columbus's ships may have encountered on the voyage is like asking her to do something painful and unusual.  No, I think we'd better opt for the research report on Marco Polo on that day. 

There is a neat-o blog I am following to see what Oak Meadow 5 looks like in action.

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Homeschooling6 said...

Wow, what a great find. I had OM 5 but didn't use it this year. Wish I would have now. It really looks fun. I loved the writing assignments.