Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekly Review Apr 18-22, 2011

Georgie (the toddler) finished up having the stomach flu.  It took her about 5 days before she would really eat.  On day 6, though, she was beginning to eat banana and ramon noodles.  So, this was Thursday before she really started feeling herself again.

Wednesday was the AWANA awards ceremony.  Both girls finished their books and received a reward.

Thursday, the 8yo (Z) woke me up at 3am and so started the vomiting and diarrhea.  She vomited every 15-30 mins for the next 16+ hours (not sure how long, since Daddy sat with her Friday afternoon, but I'm guessing it was around the 18-20 hour mark).  Then she was reduced to vomiting every 1-2 hours for awhile.

I camped out in the living room chair on Thursday, sleeping in 15 min increments, running a lot of baths, helping Z to the bathroom.  By Friday 5am, Dh came downstairs to announce that he was now sick.

Friday:  Dh's grandma died.  I'm running upstairs (dh) and downstairs (Z) to take care of 2 puking people, AND managing a whole lot of family phone calls.  The phone calls took a long time; people kept me on the phone to ask questions, talk about their loss, etc.  And dh is text messaging me from upstairs "juice" LOL.  Oh, it was terrible!

I kept shoveling contaminated laundry into the washer, running it, drying it.  Spare moments were spent putting it away.  We went from a family that washes half to 1 full load of laundry per day to 3 loads per day.  I cleaned out vomit bowls. I crushed ice.  Oh, and did I mention that I had a fully healthy 2 yo running around grabbing things?  And that the 2yo now felt good enough to eat everything?

Saturday:  everyone was stable enough that I could take the 10yo to the funeral home; I brought the 2yo, too.  Dh felt much better and started "window shopping" for food (that was my dad's term for it, lol).  Z also window shopped for food a bit, although not as enthusiastically.  It was a constant barrage of "know what sounds good?  Can you get me a little of this?"  And then me balancing the desires of a sick 8yo, dh, and a constantly hungry, very demanding 2yo.  I'd bring the food out and they'd say "no, I don't think I want that right now..."  Or, the food order would change in the midst of me making it. LOL!  I will add here:  Z was done vomiting on this day, but this reprieve was only temporary, and her stomach still hurt.  Even so, I was under the illusion that she was getting better.

Saturday night:  by Sat night, I'd been severely sleep deprived and on my feet constantly.  That evening, I began to feel flu-ish (bad headache that matched dh's description), body aches, pain in my stomach, the start of diarrhea.  I thought for certain I was done for.  The 10yo (A) had a headache and slight pain in her stomach, too, and was crying hysterically that she was next.  After seeing Z vomit so horribly and non-stop, we were both pretty worried about ourselves!  So we blew up the air mattress and we all set up sicky-camp on the living room floor.  Z took the couch, A took a recliner chair, and dh & I took the air mattress.  I finally slept in 1-hour increments, and woke up feeling so much better!  I either had a really mild case of it, or I was just so exhausted that my body couldn't go on anymore.

Sunday (Easter):  We thought Z was better, despite her complaints (she's kind of dramatic like that) and contemplated church.  She hadn't vomited since Friday.  Our plan was for all of us to go to the funeral home that afternoon or evening.  Z never made it: she vomited a bit, although she kept most of what she'd eaten down, she was beginning to vomit again.  Dh & A went to the funeral home in the afternoon, and then A & I went to the funeral home in the evening.  Z vomited 4 times that day.

Monday:  Day of the funeral and Z still isn't seeming much better (day 5).  She went to my dad's house (thanks Dad!) and the rest of us went to the funeral.  I should write about the funeral in another post, because it was about as beautiful as a funeral can get!  Anyhow, I thought that I'd run Z into the dr after the funeral, but in the time she spent at her grandpa's house, she ate 2 bites of an Arby's roast beef sandwich and was doing a lot of window shopping for food.  This seems to be a big improvement, so we thought we'd give it one more day to see.

I will add:  I was always checking websites about stomach flu symptoms and dehydration.  Z never hit the severe status of dehydration.  The dr personally told me, as well as all the websites, that moderate dehydration was best treated at home with pedialyte and little sips of clear fluids.  That is what we did, and I watched her carefully to make certain that her dehydration levels did not become severe.  Also, in this time, we saw her color return, and she began to look a lot better.  So, although it seems like a really long time to wait it out, I think we did what we were supposed to do (what the dr would've told us to do). 

Wait a minute!  This is supposed to be about schooling! LOL.  We did do some school last week, although it was over by Thursday.  I think I made the 10yo do about 5mins of school work on Thursday.  They also did their 3 days of spelling word lists on spellingcity, and I think this went OK (I've been allowing this to be done independently, but I can tell when there is a word they can't spell, because they craftily try to trick me into spelling it for them, lol).  So...we did Math workbook & drill, Spelling, & T4L on Mon-Wed.  We also had piano lessons on Wed.

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