Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekly Review 4/4 - 4/8

we put math fact practice down to 30 problems timed drill, 3x-5x.  She is getting between 2.3-2.9 sec/problem on the 30 problem sheets.  She also worked on 6x6 through 6x9 on a separate 30 problem sheet.  Next Tuesday, we'll mix 3x-6x together and begin timing.

She worked on Fractions in Math.  We worked through the BJU chapter.  She struggled with adding/subtracting like fractions last week, but this week flew through it without difficulty.  She didn't have a problem with unlike fractions (which I was really worried about, but she breezed through it).  The next chapter was multiplying fractions, but she halted at that and begged to not go any further, lol.  So we pulled out Math Mammoth 4b and began working on that fraction chapter.

For spelling, we focused on words 466-525, and spent 2 days on review of the trickier words.
She's learning about the US Presidents and has a few of the names memorized and a little about what went on during their time in office.  Next year, I hope to require both kids to memorize all the presidents; but I am happy she is getting this through T4L.

She is working through 30 problems of 3xs.  She has mastered 2xs and can do these quickly.  The 8yo is especially good at speed drills, but she usually melts down over the timing.  She hates it if today's score was slightly slower than yesterday's score.  I wish she'd embrace her true gift, here (speedy drills!), because it really is her natural gifting - but alas, no.  So I get what I can:)  I also let her pick from the store-bought book of multiplication:  I laminated all of the practice sheets and some of the exercises are fun.  So she takes a dry-erase marker to the sheets and picks out the ones she likes most.  She began working on 5xs (her choice).  Then, I also let her choose a chapter from 3rd gr BJU to work on.  We chose fractions, since her sister is working on them, and nothing else looked very fun.  She has been doing mixed fractions, equivalent fractions, and comparing like fractions.  In BJU 3rd gr, the fractions chapter is mostly pictures, so you can see exactly what size every fraction is.

For spelling, we worked through words 263-298.

On Friday, we got up early and got our schoolwork done, and then had a playdate with a friend (he was out of school for spring break).

The almost 2yo:
she is saying so many more words, now.  Several times a day she asks for "nighttime, daytime" which is a commercial we found on for BBC's Walk on the Wild Side.  It is episode 3, if you want to look it up.  It is a black bird that hides his head and says "nighttime!" and then pops his head up and says "daytime!" LOL. We watch a lot of these little commercials, and she tries to name the animals (camel = dog, prairie dog = cat, and all sorts of crazy naming).
About 2 weeks ago, she learned how to jump off of the floor with two feet simultaneously.  There is a lot of jumping going on lately.

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