Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekly Review 4/11-4/15 2011

The 10yo is down to learning just 6 more multiplication facts for her timed drill, yippee!!! 10 has been a great age for giving honest feedback and telling me when she's ready to move on, when she needs to stay where she is at, backup a bit, etc.  Even with her spelling words - she tells me which words she needs to review because she knows that she won't remember how to spell the word in the future.  It is giving me great hope that the 8yo will enter this phase in another 2 years (fingers crossed, prayers being said).  So...she only has 6 more math facts to learn (7x7-9x9), she has been working through Math Mammoth 4B fractions (we jumped ahead in the book solely for that chapter), she completed 40 words instead of 60 because the words were harder, and T4L.

The 8yo is working on 2x-3x.  I think she probably knows them relatively well, but she is very flustered by being timed.  Our biggest problem, however, is distraction.  Do 2 problems - look around, laugh at someone, talk - do 2 more problems - draw a picture on her paper, see something outside - another problem - tear up a piece of paper and ask me some bizarre question that has nothing to do with get the picture.  Today I tried giving her a practice-no timed sheet of problems, and then put her in another room with only me for the exact same sheet of paper timed.  Then, I just watched what happened.  Her complaint was that she had to think about the problem.  I tried explaining that taking 6 seconds or even 10 seconds to think about the problem wasn't the real problem: the real problem was the distraction. So next week, our goal is learning how to FOCUS. 

The 8yo did 45 words for spelling.  She worked through the Fractions chapter in BJU 3rd Gr Math.  She also did T4L.

We went to the nature center on Thursday.  The kids learned about finding North, using a GPS to find your way around, and Geocaching.  It was a big hit!  The 8yo made a new friend.  The kids wrote a half page summary of their trip.  They both wrote about putting Red Fred in the Shed (reading a compass).

We were supposed to attend Gymnastics on Monday, but we hit a traffic jam, sat perfectly still for 30mins, managed to move forward just enough to see that it was WORSE up ahead, took some back dirt roads, got lost, called Grandpa for directions, and finally found our way home 2 hours later.  Sigh.  What bothers me the most is the gas, around $4 per gallon, wasted on that pointless excursion.

The kids had their last day of AWANA on Wednesday.  Both kids finished their books already, so it was a relaxing week for us!  Next Wednesday will be the ceremony.  In June, the kids will go on a canoeing trip with the group as a reward for finishing their books.

The baby will be 2 in 2 weeks!  She learned how to whisper, so there is a lot of quiet conversations lately:)  She loves the Wiggles, and loves the BBC show Walk on the Wild Side (we watch clips on Youtube & Godtube).  Her favorite episode is Nighttime, Daytime!  and she asks for it several times a day.  She sings "hot potato" (Wiggles) but now the words have evolved into "ha tiddly do, ha tiddly do" LOL.

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