Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekly Review 3/7-3/11, 2011

8yo's Math drill: completed Subtraction on Math Trainer (setting 4-2 through 15-10). She is eager to start multiplication drill, so hopefully we can finish subtraction soon.

10yo's 100 problem multiplication drill times:
M: 5.85 secs per problem
T: 4.95 secs per problem
W: 4.31 secs per problem
Th: 4.25 secs per problem
F: 4.48 secs per problem
100 problems printed from Math Fact Cafe, 3's 4's and 5's.

10yo did 5 days of BJU Math Reviews 3rd Grade. We set the timer for 25 mins and she gets as many pages done in that time. She does about 4 pages at a time and finished Chapter 3.

8yo did 4 days of BJU Math Reviews 2nd Grade. Same thing (timer set). On Friday, I let her play with the online puzzles on the Math Is Fun web site (same site as math trainer). She also completed 8 story problems on Thinking Blocks (love this site, it's so addicting!)

We have been working through the Top 1200 Words in the English Language for our spelling. I just noticed that this list comes from Sitton Spelling, LOL. Our district uses Sitton Spelling and it's horrible. So note that I am NOT using Sitton Spelling; we're using our own funky methods based upon the top 1200 words (same words, different method). I pre-test the 10yo on 20 words per day, just to see which words she doesn't know. She has been pretested on 250+ words so far and knows most of them. The 8yo has big freakouts during school, so I give her a list of 10 words to study. She practices hopscotch while spelling the words allowed and then I quiz her orally. Once I'm sure she has it mastered, I test her on paper. She is struggling with "right" and "write". She is convinced that the "write" is "wright". Sigh.

The 10yo finished her book. The 8yo just started Discovery 8 (needs to finish 8.1 - 8.7 to finish her book). I am working with her to get her to learn these. She is really having a mental breakdown over school and studying this year. I know once she finishes her book, she'll be glad she put the time into it. And I will fall in an exhausted heap, lol!
We've had AWANA games practice 2x this week and Saturday is the official games.

PIANO - had our every 2 weeks lessons. The 10yo did not practice. The 8yo did practice. I need to come up with a schedule so that this work actually gets done.

Completed 4 days of T4L. We had one day without Internet.

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