Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Review 3/21 - 3/25, 2011

Monday: math drill (not timed); spelling words 301 - 321
Tuesday: math drill 3.23 secs/problem WOOHOO!!; spelling words 322-342
Wednesday: math drill 1 page practice 3-5, 6s; spelling words 343-362
Thursday: math drill 2 pages 3-6, 6s; spelling words 364-383
Friday: math drill 2 pages 3-6 (4.55 sec/problem); spelling words 384 -404

Monday: math drill (not timed); spelling words 166 - 178
Tuesday: no math drill; spelling words 179-190
Wednesday: worked on subtraction drill together (strategies); spelling words 191-202
Thursday: worked on subtraction drill together; spelling words 203-214
Friday: more subtraction drill; spelling words 215 - 226

The 10yo learned about adding and subtracting like fractions (with and without regrouping). She also worked on equivalent fractions. We're still working on regrouping & subtracting fractions. The 8yo learned a new subtraction strategy. She was counting backwards to get her answers, but answers came slow and there were often mistakes. I had tried teaching the "counting up" strategy, but she begged me not to use that again! lol. So we learned the "subtracting tens" strategy (my name for it). For example: 15 - 8 is 10 -8 plus 5. She really caught on and can do subtraction quite quickly.

On Sunday, the kids' daddy left for Las Vegas, Microsoft Management Summit. I'm sure his head has been filled with all sorts of wonderful computer things and he'll have a lot to talk about when he gets home tonight! Sunday afternoon we went to a birthday party. Georgie loved the balloons! On Monday, Great Uncle & Aunt came over to watch the kids so that I could go to my dental cleaning. The rest of the week was filled with at-home cleaning, schoolwork, and movies/games in the evenings.

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