Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Review 3/14-3/18

Monday: 4.56 secs/problem; spelling words 236-257
Tuesday: 3.9 secs/problem; no spelling
Wednesay: 4.34 secs/problem; spelling words 258-278
Thursday: 3.87 secs/problem;spelling words 279-299

Monday: spelling words 135-144
Tuesday: no spelling
Wednesday: spelling words 145-154
Thursday: spelling words 155-164

Friday: homeschool co-op classes (only 2 left counting today!)

We did 4 days of T4L, 4 days of Math workbook (8yo did Thinking Blocks in place of workbook one day). On Tuesday we had a dental cleaning for the kids (no cavities! yay!). On Thursday, the 8yo got her first pair(s) of glasses. Here she is in her purple/pink pair. She has another pair in brown (to match everything else).

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