Sunday, March 27, 2011

I found it! My homeschool vision came back!

Awhile back, I posted about Surviving a Homeschool Crisis. It is easy to give step-by-step survival guide instructions, and quite another to be the one on the surviving end. I hit a pretty big homeschool slump that lasted about two years. You know you've hit a slump when your February Burn-out turns into May burn-out, and then summer burn-out, and then Sept dread....and it never really lifts. I began Sept thinking we'd just "do the next thing", even if I didn't feel like it. We'd just push through. It lasted about 3 weeks, and then I realized I was in over my head. So I started dropping subjects. Maybe if we kept it to 2-3 subjects per day, we'd be alright. We can add in subjects later, after my head is above water. By December, I was toast. "Do the next thing" was beyond me, even with 2-3 subjects per school day. I signed the kids up for Time 4 Learning, to separate myself from the whole thing. It was a welcome relief, even if all the same problems would still be there when I got back from my mental vacation.

For two years, I'd questioned "What are we doing?" and "Why are we doing this?" I was tempted to send my children to school; at least they have a vision for education (even if I disagree with it). Nothing seemed important anymore. Why force my children to do school? I didn't see any real learning occuring from our workbooks. Home Education seemed futile. I had no homeschool vision.

I started reaching for different homeschool books, different philosophies. I sent myself through my own in-home "homeschool convention". I sometimes picked books that I knew I would disagree with. I also distanced myself from Curriculum. I looked purely at ideas: why were these ideas important and how might these ideas be used? I made lists - what was important to me (this was really hard to drudge up, at first), what was important to my kids' future? Sometimes I'd turn the page and start a new list. I jotted down ideas from books, and began discussing some ideas with people and getting feedback.

I left out all the praying I did, lol. I did a lot of praying. It began with praying, two years ago. It was just such a dry season in my life (schoolwise). My own homeschool convention began around January. I prayed, I read a book, I jotted down ideas, I prayed some more, I read some more. Repeat. Not a whole lot happened during this schoolyear, however, I experienced a lot of growth. I am thankful that my God hears my prayers, that He cares about me, and carries me through. I am filled with awe that my Father in heaven knows what I need before I need it. He will direct my paths. Sometimes, I don't see the path clearly. But what a joy when I suddenly can see clearly! My eyes have been opened this year. I have a new vision for homeschooling, and where we are headed (and most importantly, why!) I am creating a new blog to share these ideas about education. I'm keeping this blog to detail our personal lives and learning. I will share the new blog link when I get it better organized.


MICHELE said...

can't wait to read it! michele

Homeschooling6 said...

With Annette, yesterday I told her that she can't use the computer (she loves playing Orgon Trail) or play outside (I do let her have 10 minute outside breaks though, in between subjects)until her schoolwork is done. I heard her talking to Caleb, today and she said, "I can't go outside until I get school done."
After quiet time I am going to check her work and see where she's at. I think some of the problem is me not checking her work daily. I also let her get away with it for so long.