Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Review 2/7-2/11, 2011

This week:
  • We made our Valentine's boxes for our homeschool Vday party
  • We took a class at Moose Tree Nature Preserve about Birds
  • We wrote a half page summary of our Birds class and drew a picture
  • We added Spelling to our week using SWR. The 10yo started list K-1 and scored 95%. The 8yo started list I-1 and scored 100%.
  • We went over some Capitalization and Punctuation rules
  • We continued addition with 6's. The 10yo worked on long division by 1-number, and the 8yo learned the Distribution Property of Multiplication - ex: 4(20 + 3) = 80 + 12 = 92. This is the same thing as saying 23 x 4 = 92.
  • We had piano lessons
  • We attended a Valentine's Party at a bowling alley with our homeschool group.

Below: the 8yo's Bubble Gum machine Valentine's box. We've been saving that canister for a year now for this very project! We wadded up pieces of colored paper for the gum balls. Now the project has vday cards inside so you can't see the gum balls as well.

Below: the 10yo's ShamWow box, as seen on TV. I don't know where she gets her nutty ideas!
Georgie, the 21mo, tearing into her sister's valentine's card. By the way, Georgie gets to be 21 mos for 2 months now, because I mis-calculated her age (in case you were wondering)

Here she is again, after I tried desperately to get her attention. She was pretty busy with those cards.

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