Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Review 2/21-25, 2011

I'm still trying to get my act together. It's gonna take a long time:( I'm slowly working things out and trying to make improvements. I'm trying to do more house cleaning (get rid of clutter), laundry, and exercising. Baby steps! If what we do weekly looks very inconsistant, that's because it is! I'm trying to find the right balance of what works for everyone and gets the job done.

Today went really well and I plan to continue what we did today, next week. It could be because dh works from home on Fridays, and the kids wouldn't dare give me a hard time when daddy's home. I think our biggest subject that needs work is math. I never really enforced math facts and it's biting us now. I've been thinking "why try to fit in 5-6 subjects per day, plus enrichments, when we're so behind in math?" Language Arts, Science and History can go on the back burner for now. Let's just work on math!

Today with the 8yo, we did:
  • 5 mins of Addition drill at this web site (it times it for you!): MATH TRAINER
  • 25 mins of 2nd grade Reviews workbook
  • (Spelling) 20 words per day from the Top 1200 English Words list (we're slowly accumulating words she doesn't know and she'll get to study/test on those)
  • Time 4 Learning
Note: the random 8yo skips pages constantly and this is becoming a problem. So, for next week, I will tear out worksheet pages. If she finishes them all within 25mins, then I'll tear out some more to fill the time.

Today with the 10yo, we did:
(note: the 10yo would rather do worksheets than do online drill, so we set a different goal for her)
  • 10 mins of multiplication problems, 3s-5s. Today we did 88 problems in 10mins.
  • Skip counting using a 100 chart; 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s
  • 25 mins of 3rd grade Reviews workbook
  • (Spelling) 20 words from the Top 1200 English words list (so far, she's been tested on 93 words and knew them all)
  • Time 4 Learning

The rest of the week was a series of odd starts and stops. (Discovered that the 8yo would rather do online drill but hates workbooks. Discovered that the 10yo hates online drill and would rather do worksheets and workbook. Discovered that the 8yo is slightly behind in AWANA and needs a big kick in the rear to get her book finished - worked on catching up. We just needed to do 1 extra section in addition to her weekly 2 sections, and she did it). It also involved a trip to the library where I bought a full set of 2005 almost brand new (some never opened) WorldBook Encyclopedias for $10 (woohoo!) We also had to drive to a further away Meijer to pick up 25 bags of pellets for the pellet stove (ran out and boy, was it cold!!!)

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