Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weekly Review 2/14-18, 2011

We attempted Spelling, Math, and Science this week, in addition to T4L.
The kids had gymnastics on Monday. 10yo came down with a headache, which later launched into coughing. I never think "sick" when she has a headache, because she is very sensitive to sound and gets headaches often. Tuesday we had a daytime homeschool support meeting and we created mini offices. I am almost finished with my Grammar mini office. Wednesday, the 8yo developed the headache/cough combo. They had AWANA that evening and she begged me to let her go. She seemed fine on tylenol, so I let her go. Thursday, we went out to get the oil changed, cashed in our Pizza Hut BookIt program certificates, and ran to the store. The 8yo still isn't feeling great. She did 2 days of T4L just so she could get out of doing workbooks and hang out on the couch. Friday, we will have co-op.
  • Math: pulled out some workbook pages. I'm waiting...ever so patiently...for Math Mammoth to come out with their 20% off sale this month. I want to buy the 1st-6th grade blue series download, and then start printing off pages of review for the kids. I have a plan. 8yo flips out over multi-digit multiplication every time we see it, so that just tells me we need to back this train up quite a ways...
  • Spelling: covered List K-2 (10yo) and I-2 (8yo). They laughed and scoffed at how easy it was the first day. I gave them the test to see where they would fall, and they both fall at list N (4th grade). I may just have them start at list M, however. I may just pull in some of my own lists, too.
  • Science: we accomplished one day of this. It was a good start, I suppose. I really need to get organized and get my ducks in a row.

The 21mo:

  • pulling together 2 words. Lately she walks around calling our name and then saying "cow-moo!" ("yaya, cow-moo!" lol) She also says "there it is" (ta diddle diddle diddle), and "here you go"
  • Climbs on chairs or tables and then yells "help! help!" LOL. That's because her sisters cry "help, help" every time she climbs up on something.
  • Absolutely must walk everywhere. "bawk, bawk, bawk!" she says (walk, walk, walk)
  • Hits herself on the head or runs her head into the wall and says "bonk". And sometimes "bonk, ouch!"

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