Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Surviving a Homeschool Crisis

Situations differ, but I think us long-term homeschool moms can all say that at one time or another, we hit a homeschool crisis. Here are some of the things to help pull you out (or, at least keep you moving forward):
  • Read blog posts and message board posts written by other moms that have been through and survived a homeschool crisis.
  • Talk to the moms that inspire and encourage you. Read those sorts of books. Avoid at all costs the moms that discourage you, cause you to compare, or make you feel worse about your own homeschool.
  • Keep moving forward, one foot at a time....slowly...painfully. I read a book to the kids once called One Step. It was about a duck family trying to reach home. The littlest duck thought it was too far and didn't think he could make it. His siblings encouraged him, saying, "just take one step". The little duck kept taking "one step" until finally they arrived home.
  • Shake things up, lighten your load, reassess your situation....if you need to. Sometimes, burn out hits because something needs to change. But sometimes, burn out hits and we just have to muddle through. So decide carefully if it is a short season of your life when scaleback is needed, a whole new life make over is needed, or just plodding on is needed (without any changes).
  • Take a day break, a week break, a month break...but if it a short break doesn't help and you find yourself not wanting to get back to schooling, then it might be another case of just keeping putting one foot in front of the other.
  • Realize that if you do take a break, the problems will still be there when you get back. Might be time to do some problem solving!
  • Cut down on extra, out of the house activities if you need to.
  • Exercise - get your own body moving
  • Prayer - you probably already do this one, but it bears repeating:)
  • Take a time out to just enjoy your kids. Treasure those rare moments when someone is being helpful, or when no one is crying or arguing. Instigate these moments if you need to - play a game, dance to music together, read a book together, or take a walk together.
  • Take a garbage bag into your messiest room and just start tossing. Getting rid of clutter is good for the soul.
  • Write down your homeschool goals and post them. Write down your reason for homeschooling. Write down the reasons you really secretly want to send them to school. Laugh at the school reasons (often those reasons aren't realistic, or won't really improve anything) and then renew your commitment to homeschooling.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments. Sit back with a cup of tea (or coffee) and celebrate that you got through one subject, a load of laundry, or anything else you did today, however small.


MICHELE said...

Thanks for the tips!
We ALL need to be reminded.

Homeschooling6 said...

Take a hot bath, go out on a date with hubby, know that with a toddler the house is never going to look like Better Homes & Gardens, when you feel like crying, laugh instead and just say "Hey, it's a good day." then start over. Those are a few of mine. LOL.
You're doing great mama, great post!