Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lovely article to brighten your day!

I just got this in my inbox from BJU Homeschool Solutions. I thought it was a wonderful article and should share (especially since my topic lately has been Homeschool Crisis, lol).

It's called Homeschooling From the Heart - One More Step.

Here is an excerpt:

"But did you notice that God doesn’t specify how fast we are to walk? He simply says we must walk with Him. Does God expect us to keep up with the moms in our groups or the people from church? No, He expects us to walk with Him.
But what if...
We feel we aren’t getting to our destinations fast enough?
We have only the strength for one more step?
The only walking we do seems to be behind little ones, cleaning up their catastrophes?
We can’t even walk on our own but must lean on the arms of friends or loved ones?"

I won't pretend I have it all together. I've been really struggling this year. My 10yo even wrote on her paper the other day "you can do it" because she saw me getting frustrated and discouraged over homeschooling. It's been a tough year. I think most of the battle has been on the inside:) On the outside, it's just an unruly place where the kids have sort of taken over. I'm trying to get us all back on track - myself included - but it's hard. The kids are fighting me and everyday I am discouraged. It is articles like the one above that carry me through one more day. One foot in front of the other, one more step. But it isn't just a step. It is a walk with God. Each step I am taking, I am taking with my Lord, walking alongside Him humbly.

Ok, I can do this. And you can too! Keep on keepin' on!

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