Saturday, February 5, 2011

Educational re-design

Still working out the details for what the kids will be doing. Have been spending a lot of time thinking about what our goals are and how to accomplish those goals.

Math: assign math facts, test during week. teach concepts.

Spelling: 10yo assign 20 words, 8yo assign 15 words from top 1000 word list. They study on their own and then test at the end of the week.

Grammar: study Capitalization and Punctuation (1 month?). Then, memorize prepositions. Next nouns, verbs.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations: read 1 page, pick 1 quote to copy.

Typing: both kids study typing.

Science: use textbook and workbook this year, until kids are able to find information in text. Next step, 10yo drop the workbook and learn how to outline using textbook.
Experiments: would like to do research project - find something kids can do - gardening project in the summertime.

History: slow, but deep. Study a topic and dig deep. Write a summary. If able, include map and timeline (optional).

Continue with AWANA, piano, and gymnastics

Continue with T4L. One works on T4L while I work with other child, switch.

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