Saturday, January 8, 2011

While I wrote the last post...

While I wrote the last post...
Baby had a poopy diaper. Threw a tantrum. Hit head. Ran away. Got caught. Got changed.
Dog wanted outside.
Baby got into dog food, ate some, transfered some to dog water.
Mom put dog food/water up on table. Dug food out of water.
Baby put sister's bra on over her head.
Dog wanted inside.
Dog wanted food/water.
Baby grabbed dog food, ate another one, transfered dog food to dog water.
Mom put up dog food/water and dug food out of water, back into food bowl.
Baby climbed on chairs and pulled things from table.
Baby got pulled out of dog food/water room. Big tantrum. Banged head, it hurt. Cried.
Baby got hickups and needed a drink.
Baby wanted snack, whined. Mom grabbed fish crackers.
Dog barked because she wants dog food/water again.
Baby went into dog food/water room and closed the door (this is never a good thing).
Baby is opening, shutting, opening, shutting door.
Baby comes out of room with bra over her head, book in hand, dog food in mouth.
Baby sits in Dada's chair with baby book "reading" it using baby gibberish - very cute!
Dog wants outside again.

It's the Circle of Life.

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