Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Review

Monday: I was out with a dr appt. Kids did school once I arrived home. Later, I had a monthly parent support meeting to attend. Our topic was Couponing, and was a lot of fun!
Tuesday: around 3am, the 10yo got up and said she had been having nightmares. I hung out with her downstairs for a bit, when unexpectedly, she threw up. I didn't even know her stomach was upset. Lucky for me, she is always the best stomach-flu patient around:) It's a one-time vomit and then she's all better. Even so, we stayed home all day - we were supposed to take the dog to the groomer and run errands in that town. Instead, I made arrangements to have other people take care of the dog for me (thanks, daddy and grandpa!) I made kids do school anyway, even though it was a sicky day (and really, the 10yo didn't feel sick anymore).
Wednesday: kids had AWANA. The 8yo brought a friend.
Thursday: the 10yo took a class at Moose Tree Nature Preserve. The topic was on Classification. She used a dichotomous key to classify jelly beans. She loved the class! The 8yo sat out because she finds these classes "boring" and "I can't talk to my friends". Then we ran errands. We visited with great-grandma in the nursing home. Great gma didn't know who we were and when I explained she was a grandma, she said "that's interesting" in a disconnected way. I really don't think she understood my words. It was best to just listen to her ramble on, even though it didn't make much sense. According to great gma, she's doing all kinds of things and going places and seeing all kinds of people. Her brain is an exciting place! The nursing home is sad and disheartening. I am glad gma doesn't seem to notice. She really took a liking to the 8yo, calling her "cute as a bug" and going on about how really cute she is, lol!
Friday: the 10yo had Drama practice all day from 10am-3pm. It was a long drive away and I was fortunate that she could hitch a ride with the drama teacher.

I continue to work with the kids one-on-one with math concepts. The 8yo struggled a bit with multiplication with regrouping (26 x 3). She made progress, however, when we used a lot of manipulatives and we wrote the problem out like this:
x 3

The 10yo is still working on long division. I've only been making her do 3 problems per day, but I think I need to increase these (she's not retaining the steps). One trick I recently learned was:
Daddy divides
Mom multiplies
Sister subtracts
Brother brings down
Rover repeats everything

Maybe a mneumonic device will help cement it. And of course, there is the T4L as our daily lessons.

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