Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Review - end of Dec thru Jan 5 2011

Happy New Year!
The girls are getting into a good swing with T4L. I'm seeing improvements in their overall interaction with the program. They do 1 lesson from each subject per day. I need to figure out how many we should be doing in order to finish a level by year's end. I suspect we should be doing 2 lessons per subject per day.

We added in my own Math. I've been working with them on multiplication facts. T4L introduced the 8yo to multiplication 2 numbers by 1 number. So I've been working with her separately on that, as well. I find it fascinating that both girls picked totally different methods for solving! The 10yo prefers to do it the old fashioned way: 26 x 3. 6 x 3 is 18, carry the one. 2 x 3 is 6 plus 1 is 7. 78. However, the 8yo prefers to do it this way: 20 x 3 is 60. 6 x 3 is 18. 60 plus 18 = 78. Honestly, just 15 mins of math with each kid per day is really difficult to come by. I'm struggling just to accomplish this with the baby around. Image base ten blocks flying everywhere from a baby sitting on the table flinging them, while the dog barks because she wants her food/water/outside/inside. Sigh.

We started back with piano practice. I ordered a Theory book for the 8yo. She memorizes songs and figures out the notes herself, so she doesn't read music yet. She composes some really interesting songs. If you've seen the movie Inception, her music sounds a bit like that - creepy chromatic notes on one hand with harmonic chords on the other hand. I think she could be a sci-fi music writer someday:) One song she made, she twisted it to sound more like a rocking beat, but I think she prefers the sci-fi creepy sound, lol. It is actually pleasant to listen to (I like sci-fi creepy music, too) and I find myself humming her tunes:) The 10yo is playing music from *my books* and starting to play it better than I do. I am unable to really practice piano and my brain just isn't functioning at 100%, so I'm not really getting anywhere. I would love to carve out some time for myself each day to practice piano. It may just be that season where I am baby-focused and cannot work on these extra-curriculars for myself. The day will come. I just need to enjoy the baby while she's still a baby.

The girls received WebKinz for Christmas and have been spending as much time as I will allow on the computer playing Webkinz.

AWANA started back up - the kids are ahead in their books. Should finish by April.
We had co-op on Friday and the kids were very excited to be back. The 10yo had to learn Amazing Grace in sign language over Christmas break and then teach it to her sign language class. I was really proud of her for all the time and effort she put into that project!

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