Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekly Review 1/24-28, 2011

Kids doing Time 4 Learning. Georgie sits with one of the girls and watches. Sometimes she pushes buttons. Sometimes the girls lose their work and need to start over. But they like having a little buddy next to them.
The girls also did timed math addition drills from We worked our way up to 4's. Our goal is 3secs or less per problem before we move on. We'll continue with 4's next week.

The 8yo participated in the AWANA box car derby. Her car was a carrot. I tried cutting out a "root"imentary carrot on our scroll saw, which dh laughed at (yeah, it was a sorry carrot). He had the idea to pull out the lathe and shape it that way. We've never used the lathe before, so it was experimental. We got a pretty good carrot shape out of it, I think. Dd won 3rd place for Speed, which is a sad thing, because there were only 3 contestants in her age group. The carrot was the slowest car. Every year we manage to make the slowest car. At least the carrot made it down the entire slope this year, lol. Progress? I do wish she had won for design, instead, as I think this would've been a fairer way to win a prize. They combined the 3rd/4th grade girls with the older girls for design, and the carrot did not win. It is my unbiased opinion that it should've won, lol.

The carrot is shown below along with Larry the Cucumber and a tube of lipstick. Larry and Lipstick both won for design. The carrot did not. But it was fun anyway. The littlest pet shop is detachable (the bunny did not race because the car cannot exceed 3 inches tall).


Homeschooling6 said...

Awww, what precious pics of your kiddos together.

yaya said...

I love the carrot car. and the baby is so cute!