Tuesday, January 4, 2011

toddler sleep regression

Apparently, there is such a thing as an 18 month sleep regression. You know, things are going great (or at least, there's some sort of sleep pattern going on), when WHAM! out of nowhere comes sleepless nights and napless days.

We're slowly getting back to normal, but thought I'd share a few resources that helped (or at least commiserated).

Ask Moxie
Read the whole thing and then read the comments.

Moms of Multiples
Read that whole thing and the comments.
One comment was nice and friendly, and I'm sorry to say this, but it rubbed me the wrong way. It's not hard to do that when I am tired:p Anyhow, I'll just say - just because you co-sleep doesn't mean your child will be a perfect sleeper. I had a co-sleeping child that slept awful. I've had a co-sleeping-turned-crib sleeping child that tends to sleep awful. The middle child was an odd-ball. I sometimes wonder if things like this are a little bit genetic. It can't all be blamed on bad parenting. What I found interesting is the sleep regression issues that hit across the board: attachment parent sleepers, ferber sleepers, ezzo sleepers, baby whisperer sleepers...

We're still working on some of our sleeping issues, but we're having some really good nights, some really rotten nights, and some so-so nights. This is an improvement to the all-out no-good nights we were having (up every 30-60mins and no nap, ugh!) If I don't find a solution, at least I know she'll outgrow it eventually. She won't be going off to college and calling me every hour, right?

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