Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Concrete Sequential learner

I am an Abstract Sequential (researcher) personality; therefore, it's really important to me that I have everyone properly labeled:p I've recently gotten my 8yo Abstract Random labeled, but my 10yo tends to confuse me. I have trouble seeing who she really is and labeling it. She keeps telling me to "stop trying to figure me out", LOL. Which makes perfect sense, because she is a...

Concrete Sequential.

She doesn't want to read between the lines and find the hidden meaning of things (like personality!)
She just wants the basic facts - whatever is necessary to know, and doesn't want extra details (which kills me because I.must.share.every.little.detail!!) Her catch phrase might be "just get to the point". This explains A LOT, lol. This explains why we tend to butt heads during teaching time. This explains why I get frustrated with her and she gets frustrated with me. ("Why won't she just listen to me?" I often say). We've been working on long division. My explanations of "why it works" is not going over very well. But yesterday, now knowing this, things went much better. I wrote a short step by step. I gave her 3 problems to do. I sat next to her but pretended I wasn't there. I jumped in only to quickly correct a mistake, or get her in the right direction. It went swimmingly! I think we'll need to increase the number of problems soon for her to retain it, but now I have a method for her. She wants a to-do list and she wants to be able to do things independently. She also needs quiet in order to think (whispering in another room gets complaints). Eventually I'd like to teach her to leave the room when necessary - but right now that isn't received well.

It explains why she gets so frustrated with my parenting techniques. "Mom, do you see the baby on the chair? Why are you letting her do that?" or "you said we'd do this next, but you're not." Order and sequence is pretty darn important. Sticking to your guns is important, too. When I'm having a bad day or things aren't going well, she likes to make suggestions and design a schedule for me to follow (my Abstract Random gets quite upset by these suggestions). One way she doesn't fit: she loves performing in dance, drama, singing, etc. (this tends to be seen as a creative outlet and something for more random type personalities). Also, she isn't upset if I decide she can quit on math halfway thru the page:) (CS are pegged as having to finish everything). I haven't quite figured out where she is at with drill and memorization of facts (I don't tend to focus on those). And I am still at a loss for whether she is visual, auditory, or hands-on; but the CS aspect does explain how she enjoys building and hands-on activities, but she doesn't have the wiggly aspect of a hands-on learner.

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Homeschooling6 said...

Hi, I wanted to say that sometimes we need to go with the flow for our schooling. Change can be a good thing and if one needs to in the middle of the year, that's fine. I've done that before. With my little crew we have changes so much that for us I really feel we need to stick it out (at least with most of the stuff and I did tear all our workbooks apart, so they won't know if we didn't. hee, hee). This year what we don't finish, I'm going to trash, so I'm not feeling guilty about a half done workbook.
Anyway, just wanted to say, that you're doing a great job. Seasons change and we need to change with it.