Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I surrender (battle of the eggs)

I made a fantabuloso breakfast, fit for a king. Georgie got eggs with cheese on her food tray, but she refused to sit in her seat. Tried pancakes. Nope. No problem, maybe she's not hungry. I wait 2 hours and she's really cranky. So in the seat she goes, and the tray of eggs slides in front of her. She grabs handsful of egg and chucks them overboard. Eggs all over my floor and fussy baby in the chair, I release her from the seat, and push her forward. I sit the tray on the floor and pick up egg pieces, putting them on the food tray. Georgie wanders over, plops down, and begins shovelling egg pieces from the food tray into her mouth. She ate every single piece. Of course, the tray was sitting on the floor, and the eggs had just been on the floor. I guess I just don't know how to serve food to toddlers! Food should be prepared on the floor first, and then the tray presented on the floor.

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