Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly Review Week of Dec 6, 2010

We started Time 4 Learning this week. At the end of the week, I printed off a report of their lessons and scores. Then, I asked the kids to tell me in their own words what they learned. I intended for those words to go......HERE......but for some reason I can't get copy/paste to work from the Word Doc into Blogger. I'm definitely less inspired to make these things work since having a toddler around (who has time for that?)

Suffice it to say that the kids love T4L and are motivated to do their work. Most of the grades the kids get are good (90%, 100%, some 80%) with the occasional 63% (fail) and 33% (really fail, lol). But this is good for them, too. The 8yo is learning that if she just flubs her work and doesn't really know what she's doing, she'll get a bad score and I'll see it. So, it's better if she takes some time to review or ask me for help. The kids can select their own grade level if something is too easy or too difficult. The 10yo has been bumping her math up to 5th grade (I put her at 4th gr) - I'm proud of her for giving herself more of a challenge. The 8yo has been bumping some of her work down to 2nd grade. She is easily frustrated this year. She is doing several lessons per day, however, so at this pace, she'll finish 2nd gr early and have to do 3rd grade level anyway. And...the review probably doesn't hurt her any.

The kids are ahead of schedule on their AWANA books. Having 2 kids in T&T has been a challenge (I end up working with them for about 3 hours or more every week). They have 8 discoveries to pass by mid April, and so far, they've finished 4 - so we're making good time. Piano practice is going well - the teacher comes every 2 weeks, but the kids have been asking for weekly lessons. They are both really enjoying piano and doing well at it. The 10yo is learning Amazing Grace in sign language. In January, she'll have to teach this at co-op in her Inspired Signing class. All of our extra curriculars seem to be adding time to our homeschool day. I haven't been 100% hands-off in teaching them - I just find that I have to be super duper selective in what I can spend my time doing with them. Although I'd prefer to use that time teaching math, our choices have mandated otherwise. This Wed is our last AWANA until after Christmas, so I plan to fill that time with math fact drills instead. We really need to get those multiplication facts mastered.

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