Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly Review - week of 12/13/2010

social studies
phoenicians, egyptians, sidon, tyre, trading routes the phoenicians useed, purple snail dye, and the phoenicians were really good traders and never battled.
romen and greek numerals, expanding to the billions, and estimating numbers
how to do experiment
LA extensions
how to orgnise and summerize informoshin
language arts
synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, homophones, idioms, and some latin and greek rootsAlso: studying sign language

Social studies: eskimos and inuits, continents & countries, aztecs (more than just chocolate) and there are still castles out there (but not the great castle), and wants & needs
LA Extensions: antonyms, prefixes, graphic & web organizers, how to do interviews, compound words
LA: prefixes, synonyms, idioms
Math: slide, turn, flip (shapes), measuring (length), clocks (telling time), nets of shapes
Science: difference between plants & animals & how their needs & wants change. Someone drew a plantanimal (a cow with a flower head), habitat, pollution, extinction

AWANA: last day before Christmas break. The kids earned AWANA bucks and were able to purchase items from their store.
Christmas Party: our homeschool group had a Christmas party at a rollerskating rink and the kids discovered that they love roller skating!
Building project: we are continuing to build our entertainment area in the basement. We installed a pellet stove and got that working [and a BIG THANKS to our outside help for coming over and getting through our concrete wall;) We couldn't have done it without you!]

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