Thursday, December 23, 2010

Favorite Color

I've always given my girls choices from a young age. Starting around 6mos or so, I hold up two items with different colors and let them pick one. I could always tell what my daughters' favorite colors were, because they were always drawn to the item of their favorite color. My first daughter's favorite color was pink. The second daughter's favorite color was blue. My third daughter? Not so sure. I've been suspecting green, because she says "geen". But then everything is "geen". And there was that time that she kept pushing the green circle button on the Tad Frog doll. Here is how the conversation went this morning:

Me: "Georgie, do you want the purple or green spoon?"
Georgie: (Hands me sippy cup) "deet doo" (thank you)
Me: "pick one. Purple or green."
Georgie: (grabs both at the same time)
Me: (takes back spoons) "Let's try this again, pick one. Which one do you want?"
Georgie: (grabs both again quickly, afraid I'll only let her take one) "One"
and then she starts singing "none none none none none"

As far as I can tell, her favorite color is both:)

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