Monday, December 6, 2010

Ahhhhhh (relief)

Today was our first day using Time 4 Learning.
Big sigh of relief!
At last, kids were schooling.
The toddler was toddling.
The dog was dogging.
And the mama was staying on top of everything. Yay!
It lifted such a huge burden today. The kids enjoyed it and even did extra lessons. They even asked to do more lessons tonight. I fully expect that they'll lose interest in a few days, and then I'll need to enforce it as "school", but for now - they enjoy it, I enjoy it, and it is giving me a whole lot more freedom to manage and mom (yes, "mom" is a verb, here).
It especially came in handy today, of all days. My dad had a heart attack on Sunday and has been in the hospital. The fact that we were able to do a full day of school, pay attention to the toddler, and I was able to visit him in the hospital was HUGE. We could not have managed half of that with our old system of workbooks. We desperately needed a change and I'm so glad we did.
I'll keep on with this system for as long as it works:)


MICHELE said...

So happy to hear your hs day was enjoyable! Also, praying for your dad and his continued good health!

Lisa said...

Glad you found something that allows you to keep your sanity. Hope it works for a long time!