Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekly Review Week 8

This week has been a major lesson in getting along with the 7/8 yo. I think we made a break-through by week's end. But there was lots of chocolate eating in order to get there.

9-turning-10 yo:
Worked on decimals in Math (adding/subtracting, estimating to nearest one, converting ones into tenths and tenths into ones). Verbs in English.

7-turning-8 yo:
Patience. How to learn when you don't understand something. Multiplication in Math. How to use a chart to figure out the answer when you don't know your facts. How to not completely lose your cool when you don't know your multiplication facts. How to not send your mother from the house screaming when you don't know the answer to something. Verbs in English (yeah, verbs are OK. We can handle those.)

History: I read aloud to the kids for 2 days from Story of the World 3. The chapter on American Independence, the 13 Colonies, Constitution, and George Washington as President was rather hard to understand (got into big words like Senate, House of Representatives, 3 branches of govt: legislative, executive, and judicial). It was good to read it aloud and discuss it together. After that, the kids picked up on reading it independently again with the chapter on Capt Cook and Australia.

Still plugging away at Familiar Quotations and aiming for 2 sections each week in AWANA. We started up piano lessons. I'm not sure how I will keep tabs on the kids for practicing. The kids also had gymnastics lessons this week and really enjoy it.

Really taking off with walking. For the past few weeks, she'd grab my hand and make me hold one hand while we'd walk in endless circles around the house. Now, she's taking off on her own and doing circles in the living room, around the island in the kitchen, and around the kitchen-formal diningroom-living room circuit. On Thursday, she practiced walking thru the house with a plastic Tony Tiger bowl. On Friday, she liked grabbing her own crackers from the cracker container and walking around with a cracker in each hand. This was very messy (cracker crumbs were everywhere in about 3 rooms). She is also talking a lot more - or at least I'm understanding her better within context. She says Dada, her sisters' names, dog, more bite, all done, walk, bye-bye, and outside (although outside sounds a lot like bye-bye, and so does "more bite" but it makes sense within context). She also imitates me when I ask if she wants a drink (she says drink). Molar #3 (bottom left) has 3 points poking thru. Nights are rough. Tired, grumpy Mama.

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Lisa said...

Can I send Suzy and James over for a Patience lesson? LOL