Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly Review Week 7

Monday: clean up day, did a little history. Homeschool Monthly Parent Support Meeting.
Tuesday: Field Trip - Project R.E.D. (Rural Education Day)
Wednesday: math, grammar, history, quotations. clean up day. AWANA
Thursday: math, grammar, history, quotations. clean up day.
Friday: co-op and a friend's scrapbooking themed birthday party
Saturday: cleaning day
Sunday: church and the 9yo's 10-10-10 party for her upcoming 10th birthday.

Project R.E.D. was the yearly 3rd grade field trip for our area public schools, but we sign up our group to participate, too. The students learn about various types of farming. We had different animals (cows, pigs, chickens, mini-donkey, mini-ponies, sheep, goat, alpaca, and llama), we saw sheep sheering, learned about corn & it's uses while munching yummy popcorn, learned about protecting our eco-systems, plants, maple syrup making, and dairy (complete with an ice cream sandwich). The trip was almost 3 hours long, which made for a long day for the baby, and we were all pretty tired out by the end. It was a very fun field trip, and I was glad to have helped organize it.

3rd grade math involved multiplication with 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s. 4th grade math was decimals and fractions (and their relationship). Grammar was about plural possessives and commas in a series (5th grade Grammar was everything about commas on one page). History brought us into the American Revolution. My 7yo loved the quote "Give me liberty or give me death". She read the whole quote aloud several times, and then wanted to keep reading in her history. Yay! Those are the moments I long for as a homeschool mom. That single history event in my household combined with the 9yo's newsletter can carry me through for the next month worth of complaining, lol! The kids did 2 days of quotations. And that concludes our formal schooling...The rest of our schooling involved cleaning house and bringing in mother's helpers to help with the baby so that the kids and I could clean. This has inspired my 9-turning-10 yo, who would like to be a mother's helper for other moms with young ones.

Friday was co-op. We had a great time and learned a ton. Afterwards was a friend's bday party, which my girls thoroughly enjoyed - and discovered a new hobby (scrapbooking!) Sunday was the 10-10-10 party. We invited everyone:) It was just an informal, get-together and have fun occasion. There were boys and girls, younger and older, and parents, too. We really enjoyed our time with friends and family (and wonder why we don't do this sort of thing more often).

Monday's Monthly Parent Support Meeting was about Raising An Entrepreneur. I have notes from the meeting on our homeschool group blog. I loved the intro to this book: The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Running a Business by Steve Mariotti. I found it so inspiring that planning and running a business can teach so much more than the typical school curriculum. Basic math, writing, reading, communication, manners, and even personal hygiene are skills that can develop from running a business. It can also foster good employable skills, if the student decides to join the workforce.

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