Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekly Review Week 10

I debated on whether to even count this as a week of school! Here's what happened...

Monday - my dentist appt in the morning with a rather extensive cavity and several extra shots to numb the area. I wasn't able to talk decently until late afternoon! And then the kids had gymnastics.

Tuesday - Georgyana had a doctor appt. to check out her tilted head. Guess I should explain? Since beginning to walk, she developed a head tilt that grew worse and worse. By week 2 of walking, her head was so tilted that she was running into walls, furniture, and hitting the floor. At co-op, moms were noticing and asking if she had an ear infection. And so, I took her in on Tuesday to get checked out and it is mild torticollis (a tight muscle in the neck). I've had this suspicion before, thought we had worked through it, but guess it came back during the crawling months (it's difficult to notice a mild head tilt when your little one is crawling). Also, a real mild head tilt just kind of looks like they are being cute, LOL. It's really easy to overlook until it becomes a bigger issue.

Wednesday - we went out to help a farmer harvest a bumper crop of squash to donate to a food bank. This was very fun! The baby was with us crawling around in the field and eating rocks. We spent 2 hours there picking squash. It was a beautiful field just full of every variety of squash and gourd you can imagine! They gifted us with as much squash as we wanted to take - so I spent the rest of the week cooking, scooping, and bagging squash for the freezer. My favorite flavored squash so far was this giant buttercup-looking squash (I think it's from the turban family and nicknamed ugly squash?) That night we had AWANA. All week, the only "school" the kids managed to do was study for AWANA, so they were well prepared!

Thursday - Finally! A real day of school! Even so, I only made us do Math and English. We watched The Scarlett Pimpernel (1982) to fit in with our history reading about the French Revolution.

Friday - We did Math, took a trip to the store to pick up halloween make-up for costumes, and spent some time making our costumes. We aren't finished with our costumes yet and hope to have them done by 6pm Sunday Night (Trick-Or-Treating time).

Georgyana - we counted her dr appt as her 18mo checkup. She weighed 22 lbs 11oz. She has a-bazillion teeth by now. The last molar came through. She also got #3 of the front bottom teeth (she has the two front middle ones but has never gotten the teeth on either side - sort of weird, but they're coming in now!) She catches you with food and persists with "bite! bite! bite!" until you feed her. She can open the bathroom door now and open the toilet seat. She also opened the basement door and took herself all the way down the basement stairs so she could play with toys. She has some pretty strong desires (ex: to see the fish at the grocery store) and points and carries-on until you meet that desire. Her nursing habits have changed this week. She went from full nursings to only nursing one side and then making a point of NOT wanting the other side (even though she'll say "other side?" LOL) I'm not sure why this is. The week before she was a ravenous lil nurser. Maybe she's eating so much of our food that she doesn't have room for nursing?

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