Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekly Review Week 09

The 17mo is working on Molar #4. Nighttime has been painful for us both! We spent many nights awake, snuggling in front of the TV and eating animal crackers. I watched a lot of late night TV (I like the house buying shows: house hunters, house hunters international, my first place, and property virgins. I also watched the new home repair show with Vanilla Ice - "ice ice baby" LOL)
Oh, wait, this is about school...Anyhow...
The just-turned-10 yo:
Finished the decimals chapter in math, and began the chapter on multi-digit multiplication, also with renaming (regrouping, carrying). Started the chapter on Verbs in English. Wow, it's getting difficult. She has to label simple subject, verb (linking, helping), predicate adj, predicate noun, and direct object. She is also diagramming these sentences and separating out the prepositional phrases.

Finished chapter on multiplication, began chapter on division in Math. She is also working on Verbs in English, but a lot less intense!

History - read about the revolution in France, and about Catherine the Great in Russia.
Familiar Quotations copywork, AWANA, and week #2 of piano lessons.
The girls decided they would provide their own art lessons, LOL - so every day they've set up little tables and art supplies and have taught each other art. They also began creating their own lapbook - the 10yo's is about the Goliath Frog and the 7yo's is about trilobites. I found this rather humorous: I gave up on lapbooks because the teacher directed kind was met with so many complaints. I love that they are self-directed in these things!

Friday is co-op day. The kids are looking forward to their co-op classes.

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Lisa said...

LOL about the self-directed lapbooks being more palatable than the mom-kind.