Friday, September 3, 2010

YES! We did Science!

A blog by a fellow homeschooler called Rowing Downstream created a weekly blog entry called "Yes! We did science Fridays" I am joining in the fun! Here's my entry for this week.

We found our second chrysalis this summer. This time we used our official butterfly house to hold it. The monarch butterfly emerged; we kept her until her wings were good and dry, and then we let her go. We kept the chrysalis shell. And then the baby ate the chrysalis shell. Gross!

We finished the "growing crystals" experiment. We made bird feeders out of bagels, peanut butter, and bird seed - then we hung them outside. We also learned about fossils - casts and molds. We created our own casts and molds using modeling clay, plaster of paris, and toys. The playmobile guy kind of looks like Hans Solo emprisoned, don'tcha think? The frog turned out the best!

Bookwork: the 9yo studied fossils from a young earth creationist (yec) viewpoint. It also covers evolution, but from an anti-evolution position. I'm not necessarily yec or evolutionist myself in belief, but I like my kids to know the different views. I've noticed that museums, books, and tv shows are full of the evolutionist viewpoint, so I feel we get a lot of info from both sides. (My 7yo loves a computer game called Evolution, and has learned about quite a few animals along the evolutionary progression of things). The 7yo studied mammals, and reviewed the differences between fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. They both had workbook pages to fill in, as well.


Angela said...

Wow, so many fun learning activities! That's so cool that you just find chrysalises hanging around, we had to order ours from a kit. The birdfeeders are a great idea, we'll have to do that! We just love to feed the birds around our house (which may be why we don't find lots of chrysalises hanging around, hehe). Love the fossil casts, we did those last summer. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

We are awaiting the appearance of three butterflies ourselves. We found the caterpillars on milkweed in our yard. You know, I've never seen a chrysalis in nature and would love to find one in it's "natural habitat" someday. We did some work with fossils this week, too. Lots of fun, hands-on science at your house...keep up the good work!

Monica . . . said...

Great idea. We are early into this journey, but I can already tell science is going to be a downfall for me. Fun!

MissMOE said...

You fit so much science into your week! I'm quite impressed.