Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekly Review Week 4 (9-6 thru 9-10)

Week 4 was short. I debated on whether we would actually call this a full week. We did 3 Math lessons, 2-3 History lessons, and 2 Science lessons. We had our first day of AWANA, and both girls passed their Start Zone on the first day.

Monday: Labor Day. We did "school clothes shopping" on half-off day at Salvation Army. The girls tried on pants, and then we found a shirt to match every pair of pants. My qualification for buying something was that we had to find a match to go with it. It wasn't easy: we had some real funky styled pants, and the kids were drawn to rather funky styled shirts with completely different clashing colors and patterns. But 2.5 hours later, each child had 7-8 complete outfits. I'm really proud of the combinations I put together, LOL. So if you see my kids in their new clothes, be sure to tell me how great the pants and shirt go together;) (This appreciation seems to be lost on everyone else).

Tuesday: Dental cleaning 1hour away from home. Did school in the car.

Wednesday: some school, shopping for new shoes, and AWANA

Thursday: Back to the dentist 1hour away. The 9yo had 2 teeth pulled. The 7yo had 2 cavities filled. Very little school (math and one other subject)

Friday: First Day of Co-op! It was such a great day! Even the 1yo seemed to enjoy co-op. I'm teaching a class on Visual Basic Scripting. I suspected that I'd have a few kids catch on quickly and the rest would be lost. I pushed through a huge lesson, and yes, many kids were lost! But in some ways I'm glad I did, because then the kids were able to see their computers actually *do* something that they created, and I was also able to pick up on a few students that were ahead in the lesson. Next time, I know what I'll do differently, and I think the kids will have an easier time in class (while hopefully challenging those advanced students!)

Here are the girls' classes:
9yo: K'Nex Bridge Building (a lot on history and structure), Dance, Inspired Signing, and Drama.
7yo: Cheerleading, Dance, K'Nex Wampus (a lot of animals), and Travelling Through Time (History)

The 7yo says she doesn't like history at all, but she seemed to really enjoy the history class! They studied Mesopotamia; heard stories about Gilgamesh, learned about Hammurabi's Code of Laws, cuneiform, and they made a sugarcube/chocolate ziggurat. She loved Cheerleading and kept practicing her cheer at home and teaching us her cheer. Wampus was fun because she loves building animals and one of her best friends is in there. She loved Dance, too.

The 9yo was thrilled with Dance because they got to dance with ribbons and big flags (typical girl, eh?) She's also excited about Drama. She wanted to play her CDs for both classes as soon as she arrived home from co-op. She's not as thrilled with inspired signing because she was lost on the song and didn't feel like she could keep up (probably like most of her class, and like my VBS class, LOL) She also doesn't like homework (unless it's dance, or drama, or choir, or anything like that - then she'll work her bum off at home!)

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Lisa said...

Glad the girls are liking co-op. I like hearing about it from other people, especially if they have the classes my kids have.