Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekly Review for week 3 2010-11

A brief snuggle time on the chair together.
Math, History, and Breakfast Dishes. We got lazy by week's end and migrated our schoolwork to the kitchen table instead of the schoolroom.

We finished Week 3, hooray!
It was an exhausting week; the baby decided to wake me up hourly at night. The dog decided to get involved in keeping me awake, too (why not join in the fun?)

Math: the 9yo is working on fractions; adding/subtracting fractions with a common denominator, which fraction is bigger, fractions on a numberline. The 7yo finished adding/subtracting with renaming. She did a fabulous job of subtracting numbers where you have to rename a number twice (a 0 gets renamed as 10, and then renamed again as 9, etc). She began the chapter on graphing and reading charts. We're supposed to be working on math facts - I'm finding it really hard to be involved in all of their schoolwork, but if I'm not involved, it doesn't get done. I'm tempted to require some alone time with flashcards or something. If I don't get involved, I'm hearing a lot of complaining.

English: the 9yo and I finished editing her summer vacation assignment (write 8 pages about our trip to the Chicago museums). I'm half-way done working with the 7yo (write 6 pages...) and it's been sort of a challenge for me to get the 7yo through this (short attention span and her own ideas/phrasing, which are very conversational, but not very fulfilling in a written format, LOL).

Science: see my post YES! We Did Science! for Week 3.
History: I'm behind on reading the kids' history lessons, but they've been telling me bits and pieces of what they've read. "Charles Loses His Head" was met with much excitement. I was excited to see the chapter on Oliver Cromwell - he's been showing up in our networked games of FreeCiv (it's a free Civilization game we've been playing at home).
The kids continue to work through Familiar Quotations. With 700+ pages, that book will be around for a long time! The 7yo finished Homer.
AWANA: sign up was this week. The kids have to work through their Start Zone before they will receive their books.
For fun: Park Day on Monday (said "good-bye" to friends moving out of state), and then later a playdate with a friend. On Friday, we went to Lakeport Beach in hopes that there would be big waves (it was very windy). We were freezing! We spent an hour there swimming and gathering rocks on the beach, and then headed home.


Mom31257 said...

Sounds like a good week. I hope you can get some rest. I like the science blog, too!

Robyn said...

It's tough when you are up so much at night with baby (and dog... I'd be really mad at that one!) Hope you can catch up! It looks like you had a good week though!

Lisa said...

Hi, I got here from WTM. It sounds like a busy, good and tiring week. I hate missing sleep like that but it's in the mom contract.