Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly Review - Week 2

We had a GREAT week. We got a lot done and had plenty of time to spend with friends.

Seems like I spent a lot of time getting the 7yo out from underneath her schooldesk. Above, the 7yo and baby-sister are hanging out underneath of the desk together. Lil stinkers!
Oh no! Now the 9yo thinks she should be under the table, too!

Here is what Math Fact Skip Counting Practice looks like at our house.

Science Experiment (classifying rocks). We used correction fluid and wrote numbers on the rock, just like a real collection. Looks pretty cool. 9yo had to group them. Only a girl would group them this way: Ugly and Pretty. The Pretty ones were classified as Sparkly and Dull.

And yet another experiment this week: epsom salt + water + food coloring (lovely shade of blue), poured over rocks to grow crystals. Next week, we'll find out if crystals grow better in cool/dark or warm/light. Stay tuned...

Here is my zany 7yo. I have no idea what that is on her head. She was hard-at-work on her English, and I thought it was a good time to take a photo. The 7yo can go from serious to silly in a second.

And here is the 9yo donning her "I hate school" face. She was hard-at-work classifying her rocks for science. I thought it was an opportune moment for a photo. However, the 9yo can go from serious to woe-is-me in 2 seconds.

In Math, everyone worked on Addition/Subtraction some more, and also more estimation (hot topic in BJU!) We worked on 4's & 6's in skip counting. In English, the 9yo is diagramming sentences (woohoo! I love diagramming!!). She is learning about subject/predicate, prepositions, prep phrases, and obj of prep phrases. The 7yo is learning about subject/predicate, run on sentences, and fact/opinion. In Science, the 9yo continues rocks/minerals and the 7yo finished fish, reptiles, and amphibians. In History, they had a chapter about Japan.
We worked on our 6 and 8 page Museum reports - I am helping them to edit it. We do a little every day. In Familiar Quotations, the 9yo left Shakespeare and the 7yo left the Bible, and is working through Homer.

For fun - we had friends over on Monday; the older kids watched Hamlet with the moms (David Tennant version). On Tuesday, we stopped by to visit our homeschool group during their camping week. On Wednesday, a friend came to play while the moms worked on the first 2 co-op lessons. Thursday was Canning Tomatoes day (I've never canned before, so that was interesting). Friday, the kids had a Mario Race Game Day on the Wii with a friend.


Kash said...

It sounds like a good week. I love your pictures!

Gretchen said...

Ha! I love the ugly/pretty classification system :)

Lisa said...

I used to can a lot - don't you love hearing the jars seal?

I am amazed at your ambition to start school now! Way to go!

I am trying to comment on blogs again - I still read them all!

Was nice to see you at camp!

Mandy in TN said...

Nice to have your older sibs crawl under the table with you!

MissMOE said...

You fit a lot in along with school. I'm impressed! Great week.

Anonymous said...