Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Review - Week 1

Today we finished WEEK 1 of our 36 week school year. Yay!
In English, the kids learned about sentences (imperative, declarative, exclamatory, etc.) The 9yo started simple sentence diagramming. We're excited to start making bigger, more complicated diagrams next week (yeah, I like sentence diagramming...)

In Math, we're doing Addition/Subtraction of big numbers and lots of estimating. Both grade levels did the same basic lessons.

In Science, the 7yo learned about vertebrates/invertebrates. The 9yo learned about rocks and minerals.

In History, we read about the beginnings of slavery in America, tobacco. Also William Bradford and Plymouth colony.

The 7yo finished Bible quotes in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, while the 9yo is reading/copying Shakespearean sonnets.

Here are photos from our week:
The 7yo practicing multiplication of 4s on the Wheel of Misfortune

The 9yo doing a measuring/weighing experiment with grams - pictured here: rocks in water.

The baby doing what she does best!

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