Monday, August 16, 2010

Student Photo Week

It's Student Photo Week at Heart of the Matter. Here are my students.

The 9 (will be 10) year old is above, giving a maniacal smile. She says it was the best she could do. The photos before this one were big frowny faces and fake crying, while dramatically exclaiming, "I hate school!" Despite the protests, this student did awesome on her first day of school (today).
Don't let that toothless smile fool you...this is the 7 (will be 8) year old, and her first day of school was a little less happy. We had a few teary moments, and times of "this is too hard for me". If she gives me 5 minutes of her time and attention, it's amazing how all the hard stuff suddenly becomes easy. My goal for her this year is to learn how to learn the things we don't know (preferably without crying and carrying on).

After school, we had lunch and then went out to Dairy Queen. Our library's summer reading program gave out certificates for free 5oz ice cream cones if you finished reading 10 books in 6 weeks. Later, the kids were watching an instant Netflix movie, and I snapped some happy photos of my bunch.


Homeschooling6 said...

Awww, cute kiddos =)

Homeschooling6 said...

I wanted to coment with regards to BJ teacher manual. It's a good thing you didn't purchase it for science. I purchased the whole Heritage Studies package (TM included) and it's hard because there is so much good stuff in the manual. I'm feeling like I need him to know it all but praying for me to fill it's enough if I don't.
Acutally the TM has the corresponding pages. It's not like Annette's where the pages for the textbook are written on the Activity sheet, so I'm glad I did get the TM but my there is a lot in there.

melanie said...

awww! your girls are getting so big!! And your wee one is just adorable. She looks just like my little Samuel.

I feel like I havent' talked with you in ages and ages. I'm so boringly unmotivated to do anything productive over here, being pg again :-)

good for you starting school already! Here the school kids don't go back until after labor day, and I'm thinking of starting on monday, but we'll see if I can get ready by then. Also the kids might have a fit if I cut their summer short.

HOpe the rest of the week goes wonderful for you! You are such a great homeschooling mom !!

(and we'd love a visit from you anytime... come on up and you can hang out with my crazy noisy family! )