Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our School Room

Not Back to School Blog Hop

It is School Room Week on the Not Back to School Blog Hop (started by Heart of the Matter). We have a beautiful school room that I actually plan to use this year. Last year, the 9yo used it quite a bit, but the 7yo spent her time avoiding the school room. Sometimes, we all park at the kitchen table. Or, on cold days, we do school in front of the fire place.

The desks and hardwood flooring were given to us (all from a warehouse that was closing and everything had to be removed).

Here is Penny, the classroom guinea pig. She has moved several times within this room. As the baby grows and extends her reach, Penny finds a higher place to sit. I use cardboard boxes as my school shelving units. This one is a Pepperidge Farm Bread box. Three magazine holders hold our paper supplies.

Here is the other desk, and the gorgeous view of the Great Outdoors. We live on ten acres and can often see deer grazing outside of this window. It is very scenic. Typing this up makes me wonder why we don't school here more often! Kids' school books are being stored in a gently used Priority Mail box on this desk. I'd like to change this set-up, however.

The Manipulative Desk. Penny the Guinea Pig sat here all last year. Now, I'm not sure if manipulatives will stay here either. You'll see why in a minute... Underneath the desk is pet supplies for changing Penny's cage bedding.

Another view of the schoolroom. That little bookbasket is where I stick our library books (when they aren't hiding out in the kids' bedroom). Unfortunately, the baby keeps reaching in and pulling the books out. So then the bookbasket gets stowed ontop of the desk, looking ugly. The bookbasket came from my husband's grandma, who was trying to get rid of everything in her house. I thought, "how on earth are we gonna use this?" and "can I get away with trashing it later?" But it makes a good place for library books, so it stays.

CRASH!!!! Here's what happens to the manipulatives on the Manipulative Desk. Here you see a hundred different colored counting bears being poured onto the floor. The one year old gleefully hid counting bears in her mouth as we frantically worked to pick them up. Several times a day, I have to gather the measuring cup buckets for the scales.
Demolishing a clean schoolroom? All in a day's work.


Denise said...

LOVE those window & that view! I wish we had more sunlight in our house. Cute little baby making that mess too.... :)

Tezra said...

What an amazing school room with a view! Jealous! Have a great school year :)

Yunia said...

loving the windows - have a great school year

Homeschooling6 said...

It's so bright and cheery. I miss ours. We downsized and I don't even know where to put the filing crates :P

rawbanana said...

I feel your pain! We had our school room 'just so' and then baby boy was born Feb 2008 and by the end of that year things were moving higher and higher up =) He is 2.5 now but still a little pistol, so we will keep all those things like lots of pieces out of reach for at least another year =) The baby is cute though! =)