Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekly Review June 28-July 3

We had cleaned up the front of our yard awhile ago & found this chrysalis on a piece of fallen house trim. We kept it on our porch and watched it daily. It didn't do anything. After several weeks in the chrysalis, the butterfly finally came out. Here it is just hours before emerging (the green chrysalis turned brown colored & on close look, you could see the butterfly inside.

And then it hung out on our porch all day looking sad & crumpled. I moved it by our milkweed plants & by the next day, we couldn't find it. Hopefully it is flittering in the sky now.
The 9yo went on an overnight trip to SS Silversides submarine in Muskegon, MI.

On Saturday, we drove to Bay City for their incredible fireworks display (well worth the trip). Georgyana (the 1yo) loved it! She is typically spooked by lots of activity and loud noises, but this one didn't bother her a bit.

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