Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Organization and Lesson Plans Part 1

I've mostly just "done the next thing" for my lesson plans. This year, I decided that I really want to get through our material in 36 weeks, even if that means skipping things and spending our time on the things I deem important. The best way to accomplish that is through some organization! I'll share what I've been working on...

First, I was INSPIRED by this post by my friend Melanie, who somehow homeschools with a houseful of 6 kids (including twin boy preschoolers, egads!) You can read what she does here (Filing System) and here (More Filing System). The first post has pictures!

Melanie tears her pages out of workbooks. I love this idea, but the kids truly enjoy having an intact workbook. They don't like school, but they do like their workbooks intact. They have made this clear on more than one discussion. Therefore, our workbooks are staying intact, lol. What I needed was a *virtual* filing cabinet, so I could see all 36 weeks of lessons at a glance. I also needed the ability to skip things. So I created one big Excel spreadsheet: each sheet contains 1 year of lessons for that subject. The kids also needed weekly lesson plans, which can be completed, skipped, or tweaked as we go. I'll post some pictures myself and explain how it works. Stay turned for another post! (But give me a few days, because Mommyhood is unpredictable).

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melanie said...

oooooh I want to see! I'm just finishing up 36 weekly plans for me and the kids. urgh! Its so much work, but i'll be glad I did it.