Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekly Review June 1-4

The girls did 2 days of math in their new math books. Z (now 3rd gr) reviewed addition and subtraction strategies. She called it "babyish". Al (now 4th gr, but hoping to skip thru this quickly and start 5th gr math in Dec) worked on place value. She insisted it was so easy, Z could do it. We also practiced skip counting by 4s and 3s.

We start SOTW 3 for History, read ch. 1 and did the mapwork.

For Science, we began World of Plants (Great Science Adventures by Zike/Simpson). We planted bean seeds, started a bean seed log, and made a book about the needs of a plant.

On Friday, Al went to the Civil War Encampment, and learned a lot about the Civil War. Z stayed home. In the evenings this week, the girls have been helping their daddy build a octagon shaped picnic table.

I've been obsessing over creating a Wordpress blog. This blog isn't going anywhere, but I did want a more general, less personal homeschool blog to explore. I'm trying to understand the template structure, and trying to pick up a bit of php and css in order to know what I'm doing (I am *not* a programmer, btw!) If anyone reading this has experience with Wordpress, I'd love to hear from you!

Georgyana (1yo) started crawling on her knees this week. She alternates between swim-crawling and knee-crawling. She loves to catch the dog! She began waking at 5am to play. ((yawn!!!))

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