Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly Review 6/7-11

9yo is working through place value: millions in math. 7yo is working through addition/subtraction review in math: did great until she became stuck on pre-algebra (ex: 7 + n = 15, then she has to turn it into a subtraction problem 15-7 = n). She eventually caught on, I think (???...)

For Science, the kids researched a weird plant. Both kids picked rare parasitic plants (rafflesia and hydnora) and then taught us about it (they typed up a Word doc for notetaking). We planted bean seeds last week and have been documenting their growth in a little booklet. The 7yo's book was quite comical, because the first set of seeds didn't sprout (she named them and her favorite was "Beany"). So she said that "Beany died". Then she wrote about the new seeds, "so far so good", and then on the 3rd page it was discovered that "Beany's alive!" LOL. The adventures of Beany are to be continued... We did an experiment today to extract chlorophyl from plant leaves by soaking them in rubbing alcohol. Hopefully tomorrow I'll rope the kids into documenting the results.

For History, the kids read Chapter 2 about Mary Queen of Scots, and started on Chapter 3, King James. They colored the map for chapter 2 (I just had them color the maps instead of following the mapwork instructions in SOTW 3 Activity Guide). The 9yo read a little bit of Terror on the Amazon on the day that we lost our SOTW 3 book. The 7yo was amused by the book Ballplayers and Bonesetters: One Hundred Ancient Aztec and Mayan Jobs You Might Have Adored or Abhorred. She read through parts of it and took in all of the pictures; she learned a lot from the book.

The girls played with a friend on Monday and had Beach Day on Thursday. I had a homeschool support meeting on Monday: the baby went with me and I spent a lot of time chasing her. Next meeting I may keep her home with Daddy!

The 1yo: pulls up to her knees and then stays there. She is shrieking a lot, happy shrieks and unhappy (I want my way) shrieks. We cleaned the floors on Monday and it has been so much easier to let her crawl around the house while we follow after her. From now on, my job is to keep those floors clean and trail after her...Naptimes are now absolutely necessary so I can get other things done (other than following around the baby). Nap #1 is for schooltime with the olders, and Nap#2 is for cleaning, sorting, or any other job that needs done without little baby hands getting involved. Or, if I need a shower, since this is impossible to do with her around. 2-3 hours per day hardly seems enough time.

I can no longer bring the baby to bed with me and nurse her back to sleep in the middle of the night. She nurses and then starts grabbing at my face, or rolling away, or crawling off the bed, or making lots of noise...It is sad that she has outgrown the sleepytime cuddling. I will miss this:(

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