Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekly Review 6/21-25

Georgyana is now using objects and walls to stand up. She's cruising along furniture. She started clapping her hands this week. She's trying to say words, like "peek a boo" (pee-boo), "dog" (taaa!), and "chicken" (ti-en). She's trying to use objects that she can push in order to walk. She can climb stairs quickly now - all the way to the top! It was a big week for Georgyana.

The 2 older girls had lots of VBS last week. The first one had the theme called Pounce; it was a jungle theme. I put the 9yo in the 3rd gr class (I used to put her in the grade above), and this year it was a good fit. She's an Oct bday, so she can go into either grade level, so I usually look at the other kids and size them up. This year, her group had several girls, and they were all within the same size range. In year's past, she's always been in a group of boys only. So I was glad to have her in the younger group. The 7yo went into the 2nd gr group - 2nd gr is paired with 3rd gr for games, so she saw her sister a lot. She is also a fall bday (Nov), which makes placement difficult. She could've fit into either group, but her chosen group was small and she made a friend there. The kids had to memorize 1-2 Bible verses each day and had homework to bring in each day. I liked that! The kids earned "money" for doing the work and got to buy from a store at the last day.

The 2nd VBS was at night and was called Roam Around Rome: Paul's Underground Church. The church did an amazing job recreating Rome. They had a marketplace, the Coloseum (for their games), and they even had a fountain with fish and a pen with chickens. (Note: here is where Georgyana learned the word "chicken" (ti-en). She loved the chickens!) The kids made crafts relating to Rome - a brick for the Roman road, a laurel wreath hat, etc. The kids were divided into teams with special names and colors. My girls were in group Orange, wore orange sashes, and were called "Cassius". They all decided that they were called the Cashews ("because we're nuts!") The kids learned a lot about Rome and the early church. One thing that I wonder about though - the other kids went home spouting off facts to their families, but my kids did not. They seemed more focused on the goofy things that they did. It's one of those things that make a homeschool momma a little sad...ultimately, we'd like our kids to learn things and love learning them.

We had other things going on in between VBSes, which made a full, exhausting week. Over the weekend, I got almost all of my laundry done. We created trails in the backwoods for the ATV and for walking.

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